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Among the various methods and implements used in each element of each trade there is always one method and one implement which is quicker and better than any of the rest.

F. W. Taylor

DIACLON JSC (established in 1993) is the Russian medical products company, which area of expertise is the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative sterile disposable medical devices and instruments used in gynecology and surgery.

We develop and manufacture our products using systemic and strategic discovery approach, which helps us to fully comply with global quality requirements, in particular, relevant ISO standards. Having own manufacturing facilities and proper up-to-date equipment to manufacture high quality products provides a significant differentiator between DIACLON and its competitors. Highly committed and qualified staff offers the possibility to both develop and manufacture wide range of medical devices and instruments and put into production new innovative products. DIACLON maintains cooperation with field-specific institutions and healthcare providers, and interacts and provides customer service to more than 600 customers, comprised interregional leading wholesale medical products distributors, regional wholesale distributors, hospitals and medical settings in Russia and CIS-countries. Since 2004 the Сompany has started expanding their export reach and tapping into new markets in CIS-countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Tajikistan, where to Companys medical products are currently exported.

Today DIACLON manufactures the following medical products:

  • Gynecological Cusco vaginal specula, polymeric, disposable, sterile, sizes S, M, L;
  • Gynecological Cusco vaginal specula, polymeric, disposable, sterile "Gold", size M;
  • Gynecological kit "Femina" for medical exams disposable, sterile, four types of packaging arrangement is possible;
  • Disposable polymeric gynecological Ayre's spatula sterile;
  • Disposable polymeric Volkman curette sterile;
  • Disposable polymeric gynecological cytology brush "DiaTest" sterile;
  • Disposable polymeric gynecological cervical brush "DiaScreen" sterile;
  • Synthetic surgical protective gloves "Kolchuzhnye" (cut-resistant) sterile.

The Company continuously develops and improves its innovative products through setting advanced models and launching and implementing different social programs, aimed at the reduction of the environmental impact at all stages of production; those include such ones as the energy saving project to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency; project of recycling packaging to substitute all non-recyclable packaging with eco-friendly packaging; and some others.

DIACLON is justifiably proud of work-related records of achievement it managed to gain, from which the following breakthroughs are highlighted:

  • We were the first company to start production of sterile medical gloves for the first time ever in Russia;
  • We developed the best disposable gynecological Cusco specula in Russia;
  • We developed kit "Femina", which is the most popular high-demand gynecological kit in Russian medical providers;
  • DIACLON is the developer and original producer of the unique protective non-disposable surgical gloves "Kolchuzhnye" (cut-resistant), which have no alternatives in Russia and our export markets ;
  • Our company is the creator of a top-level disposable gynecological brush for cytological smears "DiaScreen".

Our Quality Management system fully complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 13485:2016, which resulted in receiving CE certificates for all our products. Quality of medical products we manufacture is proved by multiple diplomas and fair awards, as well as by Product Quality Awards in Russia. DIACLON is a member Guild of medical-care product manufacturers of Moscow Chamber of commerce and industry.

DIACLON is the best partner for companies which commit to providing high quality.

With reference to all the above mentioned we declare that we fully focus on our core mission and are committed to doing our best to "ensure a safe future for people".