We believe, that be responsible before people and communities means doing the right things, doing those in a right way.

Indeed, success in business is based on the figures of sales and net income, but yet nowadays it is resulted from something else. What is this “something else”? Today, only a company which makes the commitment to social responsibility as a cornerstone of its overall business activities can take its place as an industrial leader.

The more we earn, the more we can invest in doing the right things - this is the specific social and economic responsibility of our business. 

Do the Right Things in a right way!  - How do we act to meet this thesis?

  • We manufacture high-quality medical devices in full compliance with Russian and international quality standards. The quality management system is certified for compliance with EN ISO 13485:2016. The high quality of our medical products is confirmed by a number of diplomas and exhibition awards. We believe that the company's focus on providing the highest quality of our medical products helps to facilitate and improve the quality of people's lives.
  • We initiated in 2008 anti-crisis energy saving project to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency through identification of power demand “weak points” and charting paths toward continual energy improvement by selecting state-of-the-art technology and equipment as well as adopting energy management best practices. By now we have managed to achieve the 10% energy-efficiency target.
  • As a company concerned about the environment, we see it as our duty to ensure the safe future for all people. Following this commitment, we have successfully launched the “Project of recycling packaging substitute” which we continue now to realize step-by-step. Project target is 100% substitute of all non-recyclable packaging with eco-friendly packaging, made of self-destroying film and paper. By now packaging for 4 of overall 6 production items for gynecological application (in particular, gloves) have been substituted with ecological recycling packaging; in 2011 the project of eco-friendly packaging substitute in relation to  gynecological specula was initiated, and by now about 80% of specula items produced, have been packaging in eco-friendly packaging.
  • The most valuable component of our business is Diaclon’s personnel, and we assume the responsibility to take personal care of every employee. As a responsible employer Diaclon provides a comprehensive compensation package to all employees, including annual applicable employer-sponsored health plan coverage and life insurance. Also we invest in education and development of our people, sponsoring advanced training courses and making a financial support to employees, receiving proficient or special education.

Recently we came to charity. On a regular free of charge basis we provide the gynecological department of Lytkarino Hospital with disposable gynecological instruments - specula, gynecological kits, spatula, Volkman curettes, cytology and cervical brushes and different types of disposable gloves. We also on a permanent basis donate disposable protective gloves to doctors’ offices of Lytkarino day nurseries.